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Title Date
21st Century Security for Wastewater Treatment Plants - Part 2 01/19
21st Century Security for Wastewater Treatment Plants - Part 1 12/18
Lockout/Tagout Procedures Come into Focus after Worker Fatalities 11/18
5 Reasons Why SOPs Are Important 10/18
Worker Safety and Health in Wildfire Regions 09/18
A Just Culture Is a Safe Culture: Part 3 08/18
A Just Culture Is a Safe Culture: Part 2 07/18
Just In Time Training: Learning Where and When Employees Need It Most 06/18
Cal/OSHA Citations Continue Their Upward Trend 05/18
Crisis Communications Plans for Water Utility Agencies 04/18
Best Practices for New Employee Orientation 03/18
CIPP Reveals Opportunity for Improvement in Workplace Safety 02/18
Updates to Safe Dig Laws 01/18
Valley Fever in California 12/17
What Are Fatigued Workers Costing Your Business? 11/17
New Silica Dust Regulations are Now in Effect 10/17
Will Urine Turn into a Valuable Energy Commodity? 09/17
California Employers Beware: The Cost of Getting it Wrong is Higher Than Ever 08/17
Standard Operating Procedures for Wastewater Agencies: Part 3 07/17
Standard Operating Procedures for Wastewater Agencies: Part 2 06/17
Standard Operating Procedures for Wastewater Agencies: Part 1 05/17
Unsafe Tree Trimming Cuts Four Lives Short 04/17
Let's Work Together to Save the Pipes from the Wipes 03/17
Risk Taking and Workplace Safety 02/17
Data Privacy Breaches and Responses 01/17
Competency Based Training Part 3 12/16
Competency Based Training Part 2 11/16
Competency Based Training Part 1 10/16
Repeat Offenders Face New Risks with Rules Change 09/16
When the Next Big Earthquake Hits, Will You Be Ready? 08/16
Top CalOSHA Violations and Appeals 2015 07/16
Ransomeware: Paying the Price for Poor Cyber-Security 06/16
Shared Employment Equals Shared Responsibility Under OSHA 05/16
The Daily Grind Turns Tragic without LOTO 04/16
OSHA's Six Foot Fall Protection Rule Just Got Teeth 03/16
Shift Workers Face Increased Crash Risks 02/16
Driver Performance Monitoring and Workplace Safety 01/16
Cal/OSHA Reports a 13 Year Low for Injury and Illness 12/15
California Workers Death Prompts Criminal Charges 11/15
California Wastewater Employee Accidents: Part 3 10/15
Is Your Wellness Program Compliant? 09/15
California Wastewater Employee Accidents: Part 2 08/15
California Wastewater Employee Accidents: Part 1 07/15
Recent Amputation Highlights Importance of LOTO 06/15
Fall Safety Stand-Down 05/15
Semi-Truck Spills 15 Tons of Biosolids into Creek 04/15
When Equipment Failures Turn into Employee Fatalities 03/15
Senior Drivers 02/15
Designing a Safety Incentive Program 01/15
Liability in Dual Employer Cases 12/14
Ebola in the Wastewater System 11/14
Fall Protection - Most Frequent Citations 10/14
Mixed Messages on How to Respond to an Active Shooter? 09/14
Cyber Security: How well are you managing the risks? 08/14
Marijuana: No Shortage of Legal Questions 07/14
Vehicle Lockout/Tagout 06/14
Public Employees as Disaster Service Workers 05/14
Heat Illness Prevention Campaign 2014 04/14
Good Samaritan Law Update 03/14
Backing up Safety 02/14
OSHA 300A and Crane Signaling Proposal 01/14
Valley Fever 12/13
$100,000 Citation Following Fatal Trench Collapse 11/13
Machine Guarding, Fall Protection, and Contractor Risk Management Guide 10/13
Amended Monitoring and Reporting Program Requirements 09/13
Fatality in Chula Vista - Cal/OSHA Investigations Update 08/13
Forklift-Related Fatalities - Cal/OSHA Investigations Update 07/13
Changes to the Cal/OSHA Standards Board 06/13
Cal/OSHA Confined Space Program 05/13
GHS Deadline 04/13
You have your Policies in Place, but are you Enforcing Them? 03/13
Mandatory $5,000 in Fines for Failure to Report 02/13
DOSH Focuses on Confined Space Safety 01/13
Worker Killed by Forklift at Oakland Recycling Facility 12/12
$1.1 Million Sewage Spill Fine and Heat Illness Lawsuit 11/12
OSHA Fines and Distracted Driving 10/12
Fatality from West Nile Virus 09/12
Safety News Update 08/12
Fall Protection Violations 07/12
OSHA Inspectors/Safety Incentive Programs 06/12
Defective Respirators 05/12
OSHA Finalizes New HazCom Standard 04/12
Confined Space 03/12
Ladder Inspection Safety Order and Effective Structured Discipline Systems 02/12
Diesel Retrofit 01/12
"Sniffing Out" Sewage Leaks 12/11
Confined Space/DOT-Classified Safety-Sensitive Positions 10/11
Emergency Preparedness 09/11
Diesel Retrofit Regulation Revision 08/11
Heat Illness and Webinar/Sewer Pump Station Contingency Plans 07/11
OSHA Safety Data 2010 06/11
The Aging Workforce 05/11
CalOSHA Appointments/Distracted Driving 04/11
Serious-Willful Citation 02/11
AB2774 Law Change 01/11
Manifolds and Headers Safety Orders & Utility Vault Safety Orders Revisions 11/10
Heat Illness Effective November 4th and Safety Update 10/10
Heat Illness Standards and Training Update 09/10
New Title 8 Index and Training Update 08/10
Safety News Update 06/10
The Practice of Adopting Consensus Standards 05/10
Power Mower Proposal 04/10
Cell Phone Distraction and High-Visibility Apparel Changes 03/10
Ladders/Lawnmower Proposed Revisions 02/10
Fewer Days Away in the Private Sector/Generator Revision 01/10
Pandemic Planning 10/09
Interactive Training Modules & New Training Modules Available 09/09
Planning for Emergencies-Silica Hazard Alert 08/09
Top 25 Most Cited Violations 07/09
Heat Illness 06/09
Building New Employee Orientation Requirements is a Breeze! 05/09
Recommended Risk Control Practices and Solutions 04/09
Registrations-Self Audit-Transitional 03/09
Risk Control Online has a New Look 12/08
Online Ergonomics/Contractor Safety 11/08
Business Continuity/Job Description/Contractor Safety 10/08
Defensive Driving/SSO/Business Continuity 08/08
SSMP/Business Continuity/In-Person 07/08
RCO Demo/Self Audit 06/08
Self Audit, Training Modules, and Videos Online 05/08
Registrations-Self Audit-Transitional 03/08

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