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Title Date
Reimbursement Ideas For Your Agency 8/15
New Heat Illness Prevention Regulations 5/15
Confusion Surrounding FedOSHA Changes to OSHA Log 300 12/14
SWRCB New Monitoring and Reporting Requirements 1/14
Identity Fraud Expense Reimbursement Coverage 12/13
CSRMA 2013 SHELL Award Announcement 04/13
ABCs of At Will Employment by Liebert Cassidy Whitmore 05/12
CSRMA Model Sewer Ordinance Language Addressing Private Laterals and Backflow Prevention Devices 4-26-12 04/12
Cal/OSHA Heat Illness Prevention 09/11
Insurance Requirements for Construction Projects 09/11
CalOSHA Adopts Changes to Personal Protective Equipment Standard 05/11
CSRMA Alert - Model Guidelines for Insurance Requirements in Construction Contracts 02/11
CSRMA Alert - OSHA Log Summary Reminder 01/11
CSRMA Alert - New CalOSHA Law Means More "Serious Violations" and Higher Penalties 01/11
CSRMA Employment Practices Hotline Announcement and FAQ 12/10
CSRMA Alert - Changes to Cell Phone Use While Driving Requirements 11/10
CSRMA Alert - 2010 Workers' Comp Changes Require Action Before October 8, 2010 09/10
CSRMA Alert - 2010 Update to CSRMA's Workers' Compensation Claims Management and Return to Work Program 06/10
CSRMA Alert - Employee Health and Risk Control Program Reimbursement Incentive 02/10
CSRMA Alert - CalOSHA Log 300A Posting Requirements 01/10
CSRMA Loss Control Program of the Year Award 2009 01/10
CSRMA Safety Superstar Winners Bulletin 2009 01/10
Pandemic Influenza Guidance for Waste Water Utilities 9/09
CSRMA Announces Monthly Webinars 7/09
Swine (H1N1) Flu: What Your Agency Can Do To Prepare 5/09
CalOSHA Clarifying High Visibility Apparel Requirements 12/08
Product Ideas for Preventing Sewer Backups 9/08
Hands-Free Cell Phone Use Law Goes Into effect July 1, 2008 6/08
Carl Warren Now Has an 800 Number for Reporting Sewer Backups into Private Property 6/08
CSRMA-Alert Online Wastewater Job Description Builder 5/08
CSRMA Alert-Model Guidelines: Insurance Requirements for Construction Projects 2/08
CSRMA Safety Superstar Award Winners 2007 1/08
CSRMA Loss Control Program of the Year Award Winners 2007 1/08
CSRMA Alert-New Policy and Procedure Addressing Residential Sewer Backup Response and Claims Handling 10/07
CSRMA Workers' Comp-Alert Critical Requirement for Employers to Save 15 Percent 7/07
CSRMA Workers' Compensation Case Law Update 5/07
CSRMA Alert-CA Employers Required to Advise Employees  Right to Pre-Designate Treating Physician 3/07
CSRMA Alert-Cal OSHA Adopts New Excavation Requirements 2/07
CSRMA Loss Control Program of the Year Award 1/07
CSRMA Safety Superstar Winners 2006 1/07
CSRMA Alert-CSRMA 2006 Recommended Risk Control Practices 9/06
CSRMA Alert-DMV Employer Pull Notice Program and CSRMA Driving Policy and Procedure 8/06
CalOSHA Adopts Permanent Heat Illness Prevention Regulation 7/06
Is Your Agency Prepared to Manage its Workers' Compensation Claims 6/06
Supervisors: Their Critical Role in Workers' Compensation Claims Management and Return to Work Efforts 6/06
Understanding Assumptions Regarding Fiduciary Liability Insurance 6/06
CSRMA Recommended Sewer Backup Response and Claims Handling Procedure-Updated 6/06
Automatic External Defibrillator (AED) - Is Your Agency Considering Purchasing? 6/06
CSRMA Safety Superstar Winners 2005 1/06
CSRMA Loss Control Program of the Year Award 2005 1/06
CSRMA Alert-Medical Provider Network Availability 1/06
New Workers' Compensation Advocacy and Return-to-Work Services 9/05
The Importance Of Prompt Claims Reporting For CSRMA Members 8/05
New California Law Mandates Anti-Harassment Training for Managers and Supervisors 5/05
Multi-Employer Liability - Risks to Your Agency 5/05
CSRMA Alert - CalOSHA Requirements for Sewer Televising Equipment 4/05
NEW Crane Operator Certification Requirements Effective June 1, 2005: Do You Know Where Your Agency Stands? 4/05
Changes to CA Workers Compensation Law That Affect You Now 10/04
CSRMA Alert - REVISED SPCC Rule Will Impact Most POTWs 10/04
CSRMA Risk Control Alert - West Nile Virus 10/04
Sanitary Sewer Overflow and Backup Prevention and Response - CSRMA Recommended Best Management Practices 10/04
New Traffic Control Requirements For California 10/04
CSRMA Web Discussion Forum 4/04
Water Damage Restoration Firms - Reducing Your Risk By Qualifying Those Representing You 6/03
New Facts From The World Health Organization About SARS & Sewage 5/03
Bloodborne Pathogens In Wastewater Video Available 7/02
NIOSH Withdraws Biosolids Safety Alert - Publishes New Guidance for Class B Biosolids Worker Safety 6/02
Is Your SCADA System Vulnerable To Hacking? 2/02
Employers Must Begin Using OSHA's New Log 300 on January 1 2002 5/01
CSRMA Ergonomics Guide Available 3/01
New Employee Orientation 6/00
Effective IIPP Implementation Key To Avoiding Fines 6/00
AB1127 ALERT - CalOSHA Fines To Public Entities 6/00
Flagger training 1/00
AB1127 and The Independent Employee Action Defense/ 12/99
AB1127 Signed Into Law 11/99
Have you Heard about AB 1127   10/99
OSHA Forklift Training Standard 4/99
New Respiratory Protection Standard Overview 2/99
Preventing Above Ground Storage Tank Failures 9/98

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